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w1—6 After I read[reading] paragraph 1 to 6, I find some difficult sentences and words in the text. In the first paragraph, the sentence “ in deed, she expresses such anguish at the anguish of mankind that attention quickly shift from the moral issues she is expounding to how very, very, very deeply she cares about them.” puzzles me. I am not familiar with the word ‘anguish’, so I look it up in dictionary. Now I know it means suffering. Then, I analyze the structure of the sentence, the word ‘very’ here aims to show that author is so killed in exaggerating her feeling to show off her sympathy, and the word ‘them’ refers to ‘the moral issue’. So, I get the meaning of this sentence.. In the first two paragraphs, the author takes the people who around him for instances, then he mentions “and then there’s us” in the fifth paragraph. I think the author uses three kinds of person can attract the readers’ attentions well; also, he wants to emphasize his intention that everyone around us has some sort[sorts] of need to show off sometimes.