The Other Side

The Other Side

《The Other Side》是Hevia的一張專輯,由Higher OCTAVE 在2001年公司發行。深受大眾喜歡。



專輯名稱: The Other Side
類型:Tones Laid-Back/Mellow, Calm/Peaceful, Reflective, Ethereal
流派:World、Celtic Fusion
發行:Higher OCTAVE
唱片編號:HOWCD 50794


01.Tanzila performed by Hevia / Suhail Serghini / Bagad Kemper - 4:11
02.Fandangu Lof Lobos (Hevia) - 4:22
03.El SALTON (Hevia) - 4:13
04.Kyrio Elison (Hevia) - 4:29
05.Mermuradora (Morilla) - 5:08
06.Banos De Budapest (Hevia) - 4:37
07.El Sitiu (Morilla) - 4:19
08.Rubiercos (Hevia) - 4:11
09.Son del Busgosu- 3:13
10.Si Quieres Que to Cortexe (Hevia/Hevia) - 6:11
11.Marcha del Dos de Mayo (Hevia/Hevia) - 3:54
12.Canci Oculta - 3:53


This record shows the Asturian bagpiper trying to enlarge his musical world in the way he did with his previous and commercially successful album, No Man's Land. And he does it good, especially in the opening track "Tanzila," an electric blend of Arabic and Celtic music. But also in "Rubiereos," which guests the Prague Symphony Orchestra. Sometimes the album gets dangerously close to new age music, like in his approach to the popular tune "Mermuradora." Fortunately Hevia manages to go also in a more personal direction. All the vocal elements do not carriage meaning as much as texture. He likes to consider himself as a craftsman — in fact, he is — so in the booklet he provides many details, recording procedures and the history of each piece. It's a very enjoyable and danceable album not only recommended for Celtic music lovers but for everyone who's looking for world music well played and carefully arranged. — Ivan Adaime
更富有節奏感的韻律,比No man's Land更富有激情的演出,雖然最精彩的音樂還是在上一張,但更高的整體感,讓這張專輯有非常高的收聽價值~~~~,專輯的連貫性能體會到hevia,2年中的辛苦!的確,我們沒有白白等待。