其最新的硬體和軟體解決方案對平板顯示器進行了改進,使其能夠顯示高清三維視頻圖像,而無需任何特殊眼鏡裝置,目前這一專利正在申請中。這一先進的平台不僅能夠輕鬆顯示各種形式傳統2D圖像,同時她還具備完善的“統包”功能,能夠將創新的Enhanc3D格式無縫整合併提供給用戶,帶來超強,震撼的3D視覺體驗。 所有看到此3D液晶顯示器的人都會不由自主地被她吸引,進而專注於了解3D信息,觀眾們無需佩戴任何立體眼鏡即可欣賞到3D圖像從3D顯示器中躍然而出。這種令人著迷的3D體驗尤為適合下列套用環境,包括:三維數字標牌和戶外廣告、數碼選單欄、信息亭和目錄、交易會及展覽會。Magnetic公司的內部3D圖像製作小組可直接與您或您的客戶溝通,將現有的媒體檔案轉換為Enhanc3D格式,或將殘缺的檔案重新創建為全新的3D圖像。


Magnetic is the world's leading end-to-end solution provider of auto-stereoscopic 3D displays and 3D digital media products and services. Our patent-pending hardware and software solution modifies flat panel displays enabling them to show high definition 3D video content without the need for any special eyewear. This state-of-the-art platform not only provides the convenience of displaying traditional 2D content from any source but features the turn-key ability to seamlessly integrate, and present, an intense 3D viewing experience in our revolutionary Enhanc3D format.

Our 3D LCD displays are a surefire way to attract the attention of any passerby and fully engage them in 3D messages. Each spectator surrounding the screen is able to watch content literally pop off the 3D displays, allowing them to see 3D without the glasses. This truly mesmerizing 3D experience is well suited for many applications including 3D digital signage and out-of-home advertising, digital menu boards, information kiosks and directories, trade shows and events. Magnetic's in-house 3D content creation group can work directly with you or your client to convert existing media assets to Enhanc3D?or create entirely new 3D content from scratch.




Magnetic 57″ 裸眼立體顯示器

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