Lost in Love

Lost in Love

《Lost in Love》是一張由Air Supply演唱的音樂專輯。



表演者: Air Supply
Lost in Love

版本特性: 專輯
介質: Audio CD
發行時間: 1990-10-25
出版者: Arista
唱片數: 1


1. Lost in Love
2. All Out of Love
3. Every Woman in the World
4. Just Another Woman
5. Having You Near Me
6. American Hearts
7. Chances
8. Old Habits Die Hard
9. I Can't Get Excited
10. My Best Friend


Oh I realize the best part of love我意識到愛最重要的部分
Is the thinnest slice也是最脆弱的部分
That it dont come for much我們總是得之甚少
But Im not letting go但我仍不想放手
I believe theres still much to believe in我相信仍有很多值得相信
So left your eyes if you feel you can 如果你要摘取星辰
Reach for a star and Ill show you a plan請留給我你的一雙眼睛,我將展示給你心底的藍圖
Ive figured it out我終於發現我想要的
What I needed was someone to show me是有個人可以引導我
You know you cant fool me你知道你無法欺騙我
Ive been loving you too long我愛你愛了太久
It started so easy一切開始得這么容易
You want to carry on (carry on)只是因為你想要繼續
Lost in love and I dont know much迷失在愛里 我亂了頭緒
Cause to thinking about and felt out of touch似乎跟周圍的世界都失去了聯繫
But Im back on my feet可我還是回到現實里
And eager to be what you wanted渴望成為你想要的唯一