《蘇州地圖》是一款IOS平台的套用。軟體大小為18.42MB。 蘇州地圖是一個專業的汽車、腳踏車、行人導航系統。



新聞:許多地圖的應用程式已經被推薦的城市蘋果商店。 蘇州地圖是一個專業的汽車、腳踏車、行人導航系統。我們花幾年來生產它。現在可以在iPhone和iPad。 特點: 語音GPS導航讓你的電話一個先進的GPS裝置。 使用動畫來顯示導航路線。 唯一的地圖應用程式提供街道名稱同時使用當地語言和英語語言。 提供2 d和3 d地圖顯示。 提供矢量圖,你可以在任何水平,放大 離線工作可以讓你省錢。 提供酷羅盤功能。 提供離線路線導航。 強大的離線地址資料庫和一個線上資料庫作為補償。 智慧型導航箭頭可以幫助你找到正確的方向很容易。 支持汽車,腳踏車,步行,卡車和馬導航。 實時的基於位置的酒店預訂服務是可用的。 News: Many map applications of City App have been recommend by APPLE STORE. Suzhou Map is a professional Car, Bike, and Pedestrian Navigation system. We spend several years to produce it. Now it is available on iPhone and iPad. Features: Turn by turn GPS navigation makes your phone to an advanced GPS device. Using animation to show navigation route. The only map app offers street names using both local language and english language. Offer 2D and 3D map display. Offer vector map so that you can zoom at any level. Offline work can make you save money. Offer cool compass function. Offer offline route navigation. Strong offline address database and a online database as a compensation. Smart navigation arrow can help you find directions easily. Support car, bike, walk, truck and horse navigation. Realtime location based hotel reservation service is available.