熱門歌曲 - 偉大的工具,為您的音樂庫並且完全免費! 上衣歌曲是獨特的音樂在App Store中的應用程式。豈不是巨大的,知道你玩多久特定的歌曲,唱什麼歌是你最喜歡的? 熱門歌曲可以回答這些問題!你的iPhone,iPod或iPad的應用程式掃描你的音樂庫中,然後顯示你的歌曲的排序列表。所以,你可以看到你玩的大部分時間,甚至多少次,他們共奏唱什麼歌。 應用程式連線與您的iPod播放器,所以你可以從應用程式播放歌曲,並控制它從iPhone播放器。即使你有一些播放的歌曲和你啟動應用程式,它識別並標記歌曲玩。 然而,熱門歌曲的應用程式是社會!切換到全局配置模式下,看看有什麼歌是最世界上發揮! Tweet你的歌曲列表,或者與Facebook共享。 TopSongs - the great tool for your music library and totally free! TopsSongs is unique music app in the App Store. Wouldn't be great to know how often you play specific songs and what songs are your the most favorite TopSongs can answer these questions! Application scans your music library in your iPhone, iPod or iPad and then shows you a sorted list of your songs. So you can see what songs you play for the most time and even how many times they were played. Application is connected with your iPod player so you can play song from the app and control it from the iPhone player. Even if you have some playing song and you launch the app, it recognizes it and marks song as playing. However, TopSongs app is social too! Switch to global mode and see what songs are the most played on the world! Tweet your song list or share it with Facebook.