《名人性愛錄像帶》是由Jack Cullison ... Ross Gans, JonathanBrett ... Ed,Colbert Alembert ... Marcus,Howard Cai ...Kwan等主演的一部電影,主要講述了一個名人可以爭取釋放在法庭上保持不可否認性而不是行銷的故事。目前公眾接受的名人性愛錄影帶由喬·利維的“滾石”的執行編輯,推測是由於容易獲得色情,以及對夫婦更常見的由於自己的磁帶攝像機的患病。




導演: Scott Wheeler



語言: 英語



主演Jack Cullison ... Ross Gans

JonathanBrett ... Ed

Colbert Alembert ... Marcus

Howard Cai ...Kwan


Andre Meadows ... Doug

Julie Barzman ... Kim

Amanda Ward ...Melony Andrews

Emily Addison ... Herself



A celebrity sex tape is typically an amateurpornographic video recording involving one or more celebrity famous person(s)which has, intentionally or unintentionally, been made available publicly. Suchvideo tapes are often released without the consent of their subjects, and couldpotentially damage celebrities" careers. In 1988, a sex tape caused significantdamage to Rob Lowe"s career. In recent years, however, many celebrities havebenefited from the publicity resulting from the release of a sex tape. Therelease of Paris Hilton"s sex tape in 2003 as well as Kim Kardashian"s sex tapein 2007 brought them to a new level of fame, leading to magazine covers, bookdeals, and reality TV series.

The surfacing of sex tapes has become socommon that some are "leaked" as a marketing tool to advance or establish amedia career. A celebrity can fight the release in court to maintaindeniability while still enjoying the career benefits. In contrast, a celebritymay take the route of openly releasing the tape and benefit directly fromroyalties as well as indirectly from the publicity. The current publicacceptance of celebrities with sex tapes is speculated by Joe Levy, executiveeditor of Rolling Stone, to be due to the easy availability of pornography, aswell as couples more commonly making their own tapes due to the prevalence ofvideocameras



角色 演員 備註
Ross Gans Jack Cullison ----
Kwan Howard Cai ----
Ed Jonathan Brett ----
Marcus Colbert Alembert ----
Doug Andre Meadows ----
Kim Julie Barzman ----
Delaney Alex Arleo ----
Gina Jenny Lin ----
Buck Hollister Ed Callison ----
Lexa Diana Terranova ----
Mellony Adams Amanda Ward ----
Duncan Alex Zanger ----
Danny Silver James E. Hurd Jr. ----
Emily Emily Addison ----
Meg Piper Major ----
Hot Goth Chick Jamie Bernadette ----
Benny Anthony M. Bertram ----
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製作人 Paul Bales- co-producer、Anthony Fankhauser- line producer、David Michael Latt- producer、David Rimawi- executive producer
導演 Scott Wheeler
副導演(助理) Faith De Guzman- second assistant director、Jack Jenkins- first assistant director
編劇 Jonathan Haug- screenplay (as Johnny Haug)、Patrick Sheehan- screenplay (as Pat Sheehan)、Matt Short- screenplay
攝影 Scott Wheeler
剪輯 Christian McIntire
藝術指導 Spencer Brennan
美術設計 Sabine Asanger
服裝設計 Lisa Erickson
視覺特效 Christian McIntire